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Roly-Poly Child Care is a family run service with more than 20 years in pre-school education. The highly passionate and committed team nurture a culture of trust and dignity in which the children thrive. We teach our children at Roly-Poly to be creative thinkers and problem solvers by combining both emergent and structured curriculum in our Roly Poly Early Learning Program. We encourage independence in our state of the art facilities, ensuring the children have the best educational resources available to them. We aim, to the highest standards, to educate and positively influence our children to be the next generation of free thinkers.



Learning is integral to the Roly Poly philosophy.

Every moment, every activity, every day, our educators look for opportunities to teach the children something new – socially, physically, or “academically”. We teach our children at Roly Poly to be socially inclusive, to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. The award-winning Roly Poly Early Learning Program combines both structured and emergent curriculums, with our state of the art facilities encouraging independence, ensuring children have the best educational resources available to them. To date over 3,000 children have graduated from the Roly Poly Early Learning Program.

Our mission is to educate and positively influence as many children as possible, creating the next generation of free thinkers.

Roly-Poly Child Care is highly recommended by local primary school principals as an exceptional preparatory centre. Our School Readiness Program is designed to ensure all children make a positive transition to school, with a love of learning and the resilience to manage change – and yes, it begins from the Nursery! Our integrated reading and spelling system gives children a solid foundation in literacy skills; but it’s not all about reading and writing! Our preparation for school is also about instilling confidence, independence, concentration, and sharing skills.



Our emphasis is on building confidence and having fun.

Our children delight in playing in both our indoor and outdoor play areas, and we provide opportunities for both structured and unstructured play and learning. Activities include dance and sports, with an emphasis on building confidence and having fun. We encourage group activities which forge friendships – resulting in the beautiful sound of children laughing together. 


Fresh & nutritious meals, by in house chefs.

One of the things families love about Roly Poly is that we have our own talented chefs preparing fresh, delicious and nutritious meals daily! Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Late snack are all prepared on-site, allowing us to incorporate healthy eating into learning experiences for the children. Our menu is created in collaboration with an Early Childhood Nutritionist to ensure the daily recommended dietary intake for children in our care is offered. Dental Hygiene is also incorporated into our meal times.

A special feature of Roly-Poly Childcare is our dedicated organic garden, proudly maintained by the children and incorporated into the meals wherever possible. Children love eating fruit and vegetables they’ve grown themselves, and gardening is a great way to learn about and connect with Nature.



“Our curriculum sets us apart”

Here at Roly-Poly Child Care, our curriculum sets us apart. Our planned program includes opportunities for each child to participate in projects and extended investigations that are developed from the children’s interests, ideas, and questions. These projects and learning topics help children explore ideas, make discoveries, construct knowledge, and solve problems. This empowers the children to connect and contribute to their world, both at home and at Roly-Poly.



Well beyond the 5 learning outcomes we teach in the Early Years Learning Framework, Roly Poly Kids discover whole new worlds in the sciences, the arts, personal health and development and a sense of community that gives them a stronger sense of self


 Being part of communities and groups
 Health and personal wellbeing
 Problem solving
 Environmental awareness & sustainability

Receive updates on your child’s day

Passionate & experienced class leaders

Award-winning learning centres

Family owned and operated

State-of-the-art custom designed facilities

20+ years industry experience

Strict safety standards

Creative and innovative culture

In-house chefs – nutritional meals every day

Emerging educational resources

Structured & emergent learning curriculum

School readiness program integration

Cater to all learning styles

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