Roly Poly Child Care (Clovelly) Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

We want your children to have a great time at Roly-Poly, though there are some parent rules too!

The Terms and Conditions must be agreed to in order to complete the Enrolment. Should you have any questions prior to Accepting the Terms and Conditions please call us on 9664-2222 or email us at

  • All booked days for an enrolment must include a Monday or a Friday with a minimum 2 days per week at any given time.
  • A bond and admin fee is payable upon confirmation of enrolment. When booked days are increased or decreased during the child’s time at Roly-Poly, the bond is adjusted accordingly.
  • If the enrolment is cancelled prior to the child’s scheduled first day of attendance, the bond will be forfeited.
  • If the child does not attend/commence enrolment as per scheduled commencement date, the bond may be forfeited.
  • If your child does not attend Roly-Poly on the confirmed start date, full fees must be charged until the first actual attendance, as the Australian Government will not pay Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for these absent days.
  • Termination and change of booked days: When terminating a child’s enrolment from Roly-Poly, the centre’s Notice of Withdrawal form must be completed with 28 days notice (4 weeks from day of notice submission), increased to 42 days (6 weeks from day of notice submission) between 1st October and end February.  The above notice periods are also required for decreasing booking days.
  • Bonds are refunded if the above withdrawal process is followed and also when final fees and CCS status are finalised which can take up to three weeks following last day of enrolment.
  • If your child does not attend on the last day of care you will be charged full fees back to the last day the child attended, as the Australian Government will not pay your Child Care Subsidy entitlements for these days.
  • If notice is given, CCS must not be cancelled at Centrelink until the child’s last booked day at Roly-Poly or full fees will be charged.
  • Should fees remain outstanding after cancellation of care, Parent/Guardian/s listed will be liable for all additional costs incurred by the centre in collecting the outstanding fees. Roly-Poly utilises a debt collection agency which will pursue any outstanding fees and litigate if required.
  • Fees are payable by direct debit only. Fee limits are subject to change dependent on fee balance as a result of amendments to CCS, booked days and outstanding fees.
  • Fees will be debited from your nominated bank account (no bank fee) or credit card (bank fee applies) weekly on a Monday. If the scheduled debit occurs on a non – business day, it will be debited from your account on the next business day.
  • Fees must be paid a minimum of one weeks in advance (1 subsequent week from current week of attendance).
  • If there are insufficient funds in the nominated account, Roly-Poly will charge a $25 dishonour fee as part of your Ezi-debit agreement. Please note that banks also charge the nominated account holder up to $45 when a dishonour occurs. If you dishonour, your account will not be up to date as per conditions. Debits may occur at more frequent intervals if there are dishonour alerts or if a payment plan has been arranged.
  • Roly-Poly management reserves the right to forfeit or suspend a child’s position at the centre should fees become overdue.
  • It the responsibility of Parent/Guardian to ensure that Child Care Subsidy is active, otherwise full fees will be charged. Please see your centre Director should you have any questions about Child Care Subsidy and eligibility.
  • It is the Parent/Guardian’s responsibility to sign in and out daily. It is also important to sign for any days that your child is absent, or you risk not receiving Child Care Subsidy benefit entitlements as it is a government requirement.
  • Absent Days: Each child is entitled to 42 allowable absences without proof of absence by the Government per financial year without it affecting your CCS.  Absences outside this number may impact your CCS entitlements for these additional days.
  • Normal Fees apply for days that your child is booked into the centre, but does not attend for any reason. This includes public holidays (as per child care industry standards), illnesses and vacations. We do not swap booked days to make up for absences.
  • The hours of operation of the centre are 7am-6pm, Mon-Fri. If children are picked up after 6:00 pm, a cost of $30 per 15 minute increments is charged per child and charged to the fee account. If this occurs more than two times the child’s enrolment will be considered for withdrawal.
  • You must be currently enrolled at Roly-Poly, and fees must be up to date, in order to attend any centre events, including Graduation Ceremonies and End of Year celebrations.
  • Photography Permission
     I hereby give permission for photographs / video to be taken of my child whilst at the centre. I understand that the these photos will be only used for the following purposes  • Centre displays (Including TV screens throughout the centre) • Developmental observations (StoryPark)  • Yearly class photos • The photos will not be sold or distributed without my consent.
  • Paracetamol Permission
    I hereby give permission for an age appropriate dose of Paracetamol to be given to my child if their temperature rises above 37.5 degrees as per Northern Sydney Health Department guidelines. I understand staff will contact me as soon as possible if my child is unwell.
  • Behaviour of Parents/Guardians
    a.     I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to treat all Roly Poly Child Care team members with respect and I agree to behave appropriately at all times when dealing with any agent or employee. Swearing, raised voices and rudeness directed at team members will not be tolerated and I understand my child’s enrolment may be terminated if I breach this provision.
  • b.     I understand that Roly Poly Child Care can choose not to accept my child into care if:
    i.    any of these Terms and Conditions are breached; or
    ii.    Roly Poly Childcare believes it is unable to adequately care for my child due to any special or medical needs or behavioural problems.
    c.     Roly Poly Childcare reserves the right to terminate, without notice, the Services in respect of my child if it believes (in its absolute discretion) that to do so is in the best interests of:
    i.     the child,
    ii.     other children in that Centre,
    iii.    the Employees; or
    iv.    the business operations or reputation of Roly Poly Child Care.

End of Terms and Conditions